Quick Answer: Why Is Emily So Stupid

What is wrong with Emily PLL?

Emily’s ‘PLL’ Secret Was Finally Revealed After almost three weeks of Season 6b episodes, Tuesday night’s “The Gloves Are On” revealed that Emily’s donating her eggs on Pretty Little Liars because she’s broke. So all of those needles and “treatments” she’s been getting are to prepare her to donate.

What illness does Emily have in PLL?

2: Emily has something cancer-y. Here’s what we do know: Emily has been receiving “treatments,” both in California and in Rosewood.

Why did Caleb and Hanna break up?

Thus, Caleb broke up with her, saying that he was tired of all her lies. But, when Hanna told Caleb the truth behind the new “A,” he forgives her. It is later revealed that they broke up because Hanna was working a lot, and they didn’t spend a lot of time together.

Who killed CeCe Drake?

In celebration of the occasion, PLL answered one huge question plaguing the series since the 2016 winter premiere, “Of Late I Think Of Rosewood”: who actually killed CeCe Drake-slash-Charlotte DiLaurentis (Vanessa Ray)? The answer is none other than Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish).

Do Emily and Ali have a baby?

Emily and Alison fell in love after Alison was artificially inseminated by Archer; she was actually carrying babies made with Emily’s eggs, and the two got together and eventually got married, raising their twin daughters.

What did a put in Emily’s cream?

Little did she know “A” injected this tube with human growth hormones (HGH). The HGH, which showed up in her panels at the hospital, coupled with her stress from lying to her parents, winds up giving her an ulcer.

Why did Maggie lie to Ezra?

Maggie Cutler is a character on Pretty Little Liars. She is Ezra Fitz’s ex-girlfriend from high school and Malcolm Cutler’s mom. She believed that Malcolm was Ezra’s child, but he was actually the result of a one night stand with another man, which she claimed was a mistake.

Who took Emily’s to Alison’s grave?

Spencer comes downstairs and tells them she can’t find Emily anywhere. Emily is in front of Alison’s grave. Mona is in the grave, taking her body. Emily screams, and Mona covers her mouth.

Does Emily die PLL?

She is later murdered by someone paid by Alison, who had Jordan killed out of revenge for “stealing” Emily from her. Emily, unbeknownst the other Liars, fakes her own suicide in order to trick Alison.

Why is Wren the father of Alison’s baby?

It turns out that Wren is the father and the secret comes out thanks to A.D. — aka Spencer’s twin Alex Drake. It turns out that Alex, Mary Drake, and Wren are all on the same A team and worked together on a plot to avenge Charlotte’s death — until Alex turned on them both, that is. (Yes, Emison had twin girls!)Jun 27, 2017

Does Emily’s dad die in PLL?

During the Pretty Little Liars “5 Years Forward” special we learned Emily’s dad died in the army. While Emily did attend school in California for a little while, she dropped out after her dad’s death and took up bartending instead.

Does Ezra cheat on Aria?

Aria has had the least amount of harassment from “A”. Aria has cheated on every boyfriend she’s had. When she was dating Noel, she cheated on him by making out with Ezra. When she was dating Ezra, she kisses Jason and she kisses Wesley, his brother.

Are Caleb and Spencer dating?

That may not be a definite “yes, they’re dating,” but read between the lines: “consenting adults,” “huge betrayal,” “involved in a relationship.” Even if Spencer and Caleb aren’t officially dating in PLL 6B, it’s seeming less and less likely that they’re simply the same platonic friends they were in previous seasons.

Is Nicole dead PLL?

Ezra’s text Ezra texts Aria that Nicole isn’t one of the hostages in Colombia. Nicole and Ezra are reunited Through the news, Aria finds out that Nicole was found alive. She is seen reuniting with Ezra and kissing him.

Did Ezra kill Charlotte?

He told Aria to go home, put her in a car and, well, he told Aria he went home soon after — but we all know Ezra followed Charlotte into the church. Given the time of her death (4 a.m.), it’s completely plausible that Ezra, in his deranged, drunken state, murdered Charlotte. In fact, Spencer seemed certain he did.

Is Alison’s Baby Scotty’s?

The father of Alison’s daughter, Joanie, once believed to be Noah, is actually Cole. Joanie’s parentage was confirmed in season two, and it was held over Alison’s head by Scotty, who tried to use it as leverage in his disagreement with Alison and Cole (Joshua Jackson) over who should run the Lobster Roll.

What happened to Ezra’s girlfriend Nicole?

But, let’s not forget about the finale’s other bombshell — Nicole, Ezra’s former girlfriend on Pretty Little Liars, was found alive in Colombia. When Aria returns to Rosewood, Nicole is presumed dead and she breaks off her relationship with Liam in order to rekindle her romance with Ezra.

How did Spencer and Caleb get together?

Spencer and Caleb made things official in Season 6, Episode 13 (“The Gloves Are On”) when Spencer confessed her feelings for Caleb to Hanna, one-half of the beloved ship Haleb, and found comfort in Caleb’s lips at the end of the episode. Listen.

Who is the father to Emily and Alison’s baby?

Ladies and gentlemen, the father of PLL’s “Emison” baby is… Wren! The big reveal came midway through the finale’s second hour, following Spencer’s meeting with A.D. — aka her secret British twin Alex Drake!Jun 27, 2017

Does Emily fields have cancer?

UPDATE: Emily does not have cancer. She is donating her eggs. On tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled “The Gloves Are On,” there are reveals in terms of what Emily has been up to the past five years. She also has a run-in with Sara Harvey at The Radley.

Why did Emily collapse in PLL?

During her college years, Emily’s father died which caused her to spiral completely out of control and drop out of school to drown in grief. She lied to her mother and friends about still being enrolled in college.