Quick Answer: What Is Ersa

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What is ERSA in aviation?

Enroute Supplement Australia (ERSA) ERSA is a publication which contains information vital for planning a flight and for the pilot in flight. It includes pictorial presentations of all licenced aerodromes and is amended every 12 weeks.

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What is the En Route Supplement Australia?

ERSA is your best friend when flying cross country and needing information on aerodromes, procedures and other in flight information. The book is about 6cm thick and has comprehensive information necessary for the pilot. Facilities – information on aerodromes.

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Does ForeFlight have terminal area charts?

Access Jeppesen’s worldwide library of terminal procedures and data-driven VFR & IFR enroute charts in ForeFlight Mobile.

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What is the difference between VTA and VNC?

These are the VFR Navigation Chart (VNC) and the VFR Terminal Area Chart (VTA). Unlike a topographic chart, the VNC also provides some VFR/IFR navigation information such VOR/DME and NDB stations. Aerodromes, airports, airways and other controlled airspace is included to assist pilot visual navigation.

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How often are VTA charts updated?

The TAC is revised every 56 days.

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Is airservices a government?

Airservices was established by the Air Services Act 1995 (Cth) (the Act), and is a government-owned organisation. We are designated as a corporate Commonwealth entity under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth) (PGPA Act).

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What is a PCA aviation?

Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) systems provide the aircraft cabin with conditioned air at the park position. The PCA systems are significantly quieter during operation and reduce kerosene consumption and related CO2 emissions.

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What scale the VFR Navigation Charts VNC are presented?

The chart displays aeronautical information and sufficient topographic detail to facilitate air navigation through the use of a unique colour scheme and layer tinting. There are 52 charts in the series. The scale is 1:500,000.

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What is PCA chart?

Planning Chart Australia (PCA) – Contains meteorological Area Forecast boundaries and locations, communication coverage outside controlled airspace and WAC coverage.

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What is a VNC chart?

The VFR Navigation Chart (VNC) is used by VFR pilots on short to extended cross-country flights at low to medium altitudes and at low to medium airspeeds. There are 52 charts in the series. The scale is 1:500,000.

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What does VFR stand for?

VFR stands for “Visual Flight Rules.” IFR stands for “Instrument Flight Rules.” The weather conditions are usually the determining factor for which set of rules a pilot will choose.

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What a pilot must do when they lose control of their remotely piloted aircraft and it may inadvertently enter controlled airspace?

Ensure that the appropriate Air Traffic Service Unit(s) is advised immediately anytime the flight of the RPA inadvertently enters into controlled airspace. The Pilot must also notify the OM and their supervisor once incident is over.

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What three types of aeronautical charts are used most commonly for VFR Visual navigation?

VFR Navigation Charts. Sectional Aeronautical Charts. Sectional Charts are designed for visual navigation of slow to medium speed aircraft. VFR Terminal Area Charts (TAC). U.S. Gulf Coast VFR Aeronautical Chart. Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical Chart. Caribbean VFR Aeronautical Charts. Helicopter Route Charts.

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How many RPA can a pilot fly?

One pilot operating more than 5 RPAs at one time; Operations at special events; Operations with hazardous payloads; and, Within three nautical miles of the centre of a military aerodrome.

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What are VFR weather minimums?

14 CFR § 91.155 – Basic VFR weather minimums. Airspace Flight visibility Distance from clouds Less than 10,000 feet MSL 3 statute miles 500 feet below. 1,000 feet above. 2,000 feet horizontal. At or above 10,000 feet MSL 5 statute miles 1,000 feet below.

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What is a visual navigation chart?

Visual charts Visual Navigation Charts (VNCs) (scale 1:500,000) are designed for VFR operations. Visual Terminal Charts (VTCs) (scale 1:250,000) are designed for visual operations near terminal areas. They contain some topographical detail and appropriate airspace, radio communication and navigation aid information.

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Who owns Airservices Australia?

We are a corporate Commonwealth entity established and governed by the Air Services Act 1995. We are wholly owned by the Australian Government, and are accountable to the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development.

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How often are AIP supplements issued?

An AIP supplement is issued every 28 day cycle.

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What Aeronautical Information must be consulted before flight?

Prior to each flight, drone pilots must conduct a survey of the area and also consult: Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) for the flight location: NAV CANADA NOTAMs portal. the Canada Flight Supplement. the Designated Airspace Handbook.

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What are the responsibilities of Airservices Australia?

Airservices Australia took responsibility for airspace management, aeronautical information, communications, radio navigation aids, airport rescue fire fighting services, and aviation search and rescue, while CASA assumed control of safety regulations, licensing of pilots and aviation engineers, and certification of

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What are AIP supplements?

AIP Supplement (AIP SUP) publishes temporary changes of long duration (three months and longer) and information of short duration that contains extensive text and/or graphics, supplementing the permanent information contained in AIP Singapore.

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Where can I find aeronautical charts?

Digital charts are available online at: VFR Charts – https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/vfr/ IFR Enroute Charts – https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/ifr/Jun 14, 2021

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Who are air services?

Organisation Overview Airservices is a government-owned corporation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. Airservices has responsibility for: airspace management. aeronautical information.

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What is a notam CAA?

Civil Aviation Authority NOTAM Procedures – Submitting a NOTAM. It is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirement that all air users should be advised of unusual air activities that might be hazardous. This includes model rocket launches. The process for notifying air users is called the “Notice to Airmen” or NOTAM.

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What causes an airplane to roll?

A roll motion is an up and down movement of the wings of the aircraft as shown in the animation. The rolling motion is being caused by the deflection of the ailerons of this aircraft. Since the ailerons work in pairs, the lift on one increases as the lift on the opposite wing decreases.

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Is Airservices Australia a government Organisation?

Airservices Australia is a government-owned organisation responsible for the safety of 11% of the world’s airspace. We are responsible for the safe and efficient management of Australia’s skies and the provision of aviation rescue fire fighting services at Australia’s busiest airports.

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What are the 3 different types of NOTAMs?

Types of NOTAMs Include Class I NOTAMs. Class II NOTAMs. International NOTAMs. Domestic NOTAMs. Civil NOTAMs. Military NOTAMs. Published NOTAMs. FDC NOTAMs.

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